This page contains the resources one needs to build Mini Bots.

MiniBot Competition Brief

Join the MiniBot revolution! Here is a quick overview of what the MiniBot Competition is all about.

Competition Brief

MiniBot Rule Book

Welcome to the world of MiniBots! In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about these amazing machines and the rules that govern them.

MiniBots Rule Book

Useful Links and Docs

Need access to more links and documents by Lord of Robots? here is access to our Link Tree. Lots of useful web page links and documents.

Link Tree

Beginner’s Guide

Got your first MiniBot! now what?

Here is the place to start. A complete guide to Assembling your MiniBot, loading code, and driving it.

Beginner's Guide

Sample Code

Elevate your MiniBot project with our top-quality sample codes. Our Arduino-based codes offer a reliable way to remotely control your MiniBot via a PS4 controller or web interface with video stream. Seamlessly designed to work with our LoR_Core and LoR_Camron modules, customize your MiniBot with ease and unlock the limitless possibilities of robotics.


Controllers Not included?

Why doesn't Lord of Robots supply controllers? What are the available options?

Find Out Why Here

MiniBot Electronics Schematics

Explore our collection of general circuit diagrams for building MiniBots from scratch. Our schematics cover a range of MiniBot types and provide a helpful starting point for your DIY robotics projects.


What is "Arduino"?

Join us on an exciting video journey exploring the world of Arduino with our mini-series. Delve into the hardware and software of Arduino, perfect for beginners in the embedded coding world or anyone looking to explore the vast possibilities of this platform. Check out for an informative and engaging experience.

Video Series

Learn about the ESP32

Explore the ESP32 with our tutorials by Whether you're a beginner or experienced, our comprehensive series covers hardware, software and more. Unleash your creativity with our easy-to-follow guides and discover the possibilities of ESP32 today.

ESP32 Tutorial

Learn to Solder

Adafruit's soldering tutorial offers a comprehensive guide and video to help you master the art of soldering. Perfect for beginners or experienced DIY enthusiasts.

Learn to Solder

Learn About Heat-set Inserts

Learn how to step up your prototyping game with heat-set inserts in your projects, with this detailed article from "

Heat-set Inserts

Introduction to 3D Printing

Here's an informative article from All3DP that serves as an excellent introduction to 3D printing. Whether you're a beginner or an enthusiast, this piece offers valuable insights into the technology and its different applications.

Intro to 3D Printing