What are MiniBots about?

  • MiniBots are a cutting-edge platform for learning technical skills and developing design and operator capabilities. These remotely controlled robots are designed to compete in matches or games, challenging users to combine technical know-how and operating skills to achieve victory. 
  • At Lord of Robots, we believe that MiniBots are more than just toys - they are powerful tools that can be used to develop technical and creative skills in a fun and engaging way. To help users get started, we offer a range of kits and frames through our webstore, as well as encouraging the use of 3D printing to create custom parts and components.
  • With our open-source components and software/firmware, users are encouraged to hack and modify their bots, exploring the possibilities of the platform and developing their skills along the way. Whether you're a hobbyist, student, or professional, MiniBots are the perfect choice for anyone looking to develop their technical skills and compete in exciting matches and games.
  • Start exploring the possibilities of MiniBots today, and discover the limitless potential of this exciting platform for learning and creativity.
    Check out the video below for a examples of MiniBots in action.