Sample Code

Start your MiniBot project with confidence using our collection of high-quality sample codes. Our Arduino-based codes offer a reliable and straightforward way to remotely control your MiniBot, either through a PS4 Controller or via a web interface with video stream. While all MiniBots don't require a controller, we recommend using a PS4 Controller for optimal performance.

Our sample codes are specifically designed to work seamlessly with our LoR_Core and LoR_Camron modules, providing a fully integrated solution for your MiniBot projects. With our user-friendly codes, you can effortlessly customize your MiniBot to meet your unique requirements and explore the infinite possibilities of robotics.

Sample Code for the LoR_Camron Module

Experience the full capabilities of the LoR_Camron module with our sample code for MiniBots. This powerful code provides a web interface with real-time video streaming and intuitive controls, giving you complete control over your MiniBot's camera system.

LoR_Camron Code

Sample Code for the LoR_Core Module

Unlock the full potential of the LoR_Core module with our sample code for MiniBots. With advanced features including four motor drive controlled via PS4 controller and a variety of customizable options, our code supports both Mecanum and standard tank drive styles, allowing you to choose the driving style that suits your needs.

LoR_Core Code